Tor’i Bionic Brooks meets up with dunk legend Billy and works on some different one foot and two foot dunk attempts. In this video Tor’i breaks down his thought process when it comes to one [More]
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This is one of the progressions I get asked the most about and so I made a video explaining the why this is not only such a key Progression in learning how to fix your [More]
In this episode, I discuss how to jump higher off of two feet. This episode is brought to you by Dunkademics. Dunkademics’ YouTube: Dunkademics’ Website: Dunkademics’ Facebook: Dunkademics’ Twitter: @Dunkademics Dunkademics’ Instagram: [More]
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This break down will allow you to understand some basic technical advice to acquire a higher vertical. this is only a snippet of what you can learn. if you want to become a better athlete [More]
June 8, 2004 – A moment midway through Game 2 of the 2004 NBA Finals showcases Ben Wallace’s career-long struggle to securely palm a basketball with ease and frequency.
I know a lot of ELITE jumpers that have hit dunks I have yet to throw down that still can’t dunk off of the dribble and I can’t help to think a lot of it [More]
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Start making progress today!! Start by tracking these jumps: Standstill 1-step (dropstep) 2-Step Full Approach Most people I talk to need to maximize their speed and power before getting stronger is even necessary Any Questions?? [More]
In today’s video, New Williams is showing you EXACTLY how to jump higher off ONE FOOT! Whether you’re a one foot jumper looking to maximize your vertical jump or a two foot jumper looking to [More]
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