In today’s video, New Williams is showing you EXACTLY how to jump higher off ONE FOOT! Whether you’re a one foot jumper looking to maximize your vertical jump or a two foot jumper looking to [More]
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Yes, i have small hands and as you can see i have trouble making easy 1 hand dunks too!
How to jump higher High jumps require longer and stronger muscles. Therefore, instead of diving into a jump training session head first, ensure the body muscles are flexible enough to handle long jumps. The best [More]
In this video I breakdown the techniques of elite dunkers for the 2 foot jump. This video is THE source to learn how to dunk off of 2 feet. To get the workout program that [More]
How to jump your HIGHEST off two feet! Best Technique and Learn from my mistakes! Download More Free Jump Tips! ➡️ Daily Podcast 🎧(Training, Nutrition, Mindset) ➡️ Follow Me! IG📲 TikTok📲 🏀📓Dunk/Jump Programs! Supplements [More]
How to dunk off to feet. Russell Westbrook dunks like this. Russell Westbrook knows how to use his angles when dunking the basketball. Typically when people first learn how to dunk they don’t know about [More]
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In this video we’ll explain how to Jump Higher off of Two Feet and develop a more explosive Two Foot Vertical Jump! Click Here for Your FREE Pro Jump Secrets TRAINING PROGRAM! ➤ Click [More]
In this video we’ll explain how you can Instantly Jump Higher off of Two Legs by fixing your Two Foot Jump technique, and develop a more explosive Two Foot Vertical Jump for Basketball! Click Here [More]
Learn some important techniques on how to be a successful two foot dunker
Jump Higher by perfecting these techniques and avoiding the mistakes such as hopping into your takeoff which kills your momemtum! ONE STEP AT A TIME! My stats: 🙋🏼‍♂️Standing Reach = 91” inches 👱🏼‍♂️my skin = [More]
In today’s video, you’ll discover the SECRETS to jumping higher off of two feet! If you are a two foot jumper who’s looking for Vertical Jump Training to increase your two foot jump then these [More]
How to dunk off 2 feet. The approach is the first thing to learn. Many athletes wonder how to dunk off 2 feet. The first thing that you need to work on is deciding whether [More]
My top jump techniques on how to jump off two feet! #shorts #dunk #verticaljump