Learn How To Palm A Basketball – Even If You Have Small Hands

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Here are some tips that demonstrate how to palm a basketball…

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Being able to palm a basketball is not the most important thing in the world when it comes to being a good basketball player but it is very important when it comes to dunking.

If you can’t palm the ball then you are going to have to get much higher over the rim than someone who can palm it.

So with that said you should stop wasting your time spinning the basketball on your finger and instead spend that time gripping and squeezing the basketball.

You need to get stronger fingertips which is the most important part in palming a ball. You can also do other things such as squeeze tennis balls or squeeze clamps. Anything to get your grip stronger.

There actually is alot more technique than you would think when it comes to palming a basketball and just like anything else in the game you need to practice it.

You should now go over and watch this video…I actually picked it out special for you…Hint: floater 😉


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