How To Dunk Off 2 Feet | The Angles | Russell Westbrook DUNKS Like This

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How to dunk off to feet. Russell Westbrook dunks like this. Russell Westbrook knows how to use his angles when dunking the basketball. Typically when people first learn how to dunk they don’t know about the angles. In this video I will teach you about all the angles that are best for a ducky. In the first video how to dunk the approach the first thing you need to learn i thought athletes how to approach the basket with a left to right plant or a right to left plant. In this video I will teach athletes how to dunk from all different angles on the court. In this video I use Dennis Smith Jr. and I used a lot of Russell Westbrook because they both know how to dunk. Russell Westbrook is a great example because he knows how to dunk from all different angles of the court whether he’s driving to his left for the dunk or driving to the right for the dunk. I think either way he chooses he knows how to jump higher.

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