How to Dunk a Basketball with 2 Hands | Basketball Moves

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Now we’ll talk about how to dunk with two hands. Granville is our on-site expert dunker. Very good dunker with two hands. A lot of people try to dunk with two hands sometimes more than they dunk with one hand. Why? Because everyone’s hands are not always big enough to palm the basketball, so they lose the ball trying to go up for the dunk. So going to dunk with two hands gives you more security, as far as being able to hold the ball, balance the ball, and then most importantly, you can absorb contact. The reason you want to absorb contact is because when you go up for a dunk sometimes you get fouled. So if you hold the basketball with two hands, you can absorb the hit on your arm and still be able to go up and dunk the ball forcefully with two hands. All right?

One of the things you want to do is, you always want to get nice and low, because in order to explode vertically for a dunk, you have to have good balance and power in your legs. So you want to get low, explode, and get your wrists above the rim, so then you can finish dunking it down as hard as possible.

So right now we’ll work with Granville. Morrell will be the passer and we’ll start on the opposite side of the basket. Okay? So we’ll move through this quickly. Granville will get the ball. He’ll turn and he’ll explode off of two feet. Dunk. All right?

So we’ll do that one more time. Granville will get it again. He’ll turn. He’ll dunk. He’ll finish very good.

The last thing we’ll do right now is, now we’ll get Granville in motion. Well, you’ll notice as he gets it, now he’s going off of one foot and he’s still dunking it with two hands. So now, again, one more time. He’ll get the ball, jump off of one foot, two hand dunk.

So now we’ve given you a variation as far as how you can dunk with two hands. For the vertical jumpers, we’ll go up with two feet. The one legged jumpers we’ll go off of one foot, but at the end of the day we have good balance with the basketball, holding with two hands, wrists above the rim, and powering down for the two hand dunk.


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