6’0 dunker faces off a 6’10 dunker. They do a series of moves similar to those of nba players. Between the leg dunk Windmill and many more
This is exactly what I did to teach myself how to have a good approach to jump higher!
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June 8, 2004 – A moment midway through Game 2 of the 2004 NBA Finals showcases Ben Wallace’s career-long struggle to securely palm a basketball with ease and frequency.
I know a lot of ELITE jumpers that have hit dunks I have yet to throw down that still can’t dunk off of the dribble and I can’t help to think a lot of it [More]
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My top jump techniques on how to jump off two feet! #shorts #dunk #verticaljump
5’4 Andrew McFly dunk session with Tyler Currie and Elijah Bonds. I asked Andrew super last minute if he could come dunk with us because New Williams dropped out. Andrew and Elijah had a dunk [More]
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How to dunk under 6 feet tall? In this video I (Khurram Sultan) give my 3 tips on what to focus on before you start your vertical jump training! Being able to dunk at 5″10 [More]
This video is informing on how to dunk and increase vertical for short people. This can help you dunk. This is for basketball players and other athletes. Check my main channel out https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC-ftfqJqjZKFXk7CYybCvkA