How to dunk off to feet. Russell Westbrook dunks like this. Russell Westbrook knows how to use his angles when dunking the basketball. Typically when people first learn how to dunk they don’t know about [More]
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How To Dunk off the dribble! If you struggle to jump high off the dribble or with a ball in your hand this video will help you! In this video, Coach Steve Celi shows you [More] for a full list of PPA Jump Programs/services. The BIG stepping stone on almost EVERY basketball player/dunkers bucket list is dunking with the ball off the dribble. Here is a look at the cross-body [More]
Learn some important techniques on how to be a successful two foot dunker
6’0 dunker faces off a 6’10 dunker. They do a series of moves similar to those of nba players. Between the leg dunk Windmill and many more
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In today’s video, New Williams is showing you EXACTLY how to jump higher off ONE FOOT! Whether you’re a one foot jumper looking to maximize your vertical jump or a two foot jumper looking to [More]
The 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest final between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins
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