5'8" Dunker | How To Dunk Off The Dribble

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I know a lot of ELITE jumpers that have hit dunks I have yet to throw down that still can’t dunk off of the dribble and I can’t help to think a lot of it is mental!! But, there’s definitely more to it when you dive deep. We can generate a lot of natural momentum that can not only allow us to dunk off the dribble but potentially help us get a little higher?!

Try these tips out on low rims and STAY on those low rims for a few weeks until it feels second nature. Again, trying to max out on something you’re not used to (in this case, dunking off the dribble) is similar to trying to max out on 700lbs. for squat when you’ve only ever hit 225lbs… it doesn’t make sense! Get comfortable with the movement, feel the momentum and energy transfer and work from there!

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