3 STRANGE Ways To Improve Grip & Palm A Basketball Even With Small Hands!

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3 STRANGE Ways To Improve Grip & Palm A Basketball Even With Small Hands!

Whether you have small hands or not, these tips will help you grip the basketball better and possibly palm it!

This is a skill that doesn’t seem that important, but is actually one of the MOST helpful things you can develop.

If you can palm a basketball, or at least improve your grip, that means better control.

Having better control of the basketball means you’ll INSTANTLY improve your ability to dribble a basketball, shoot, pass, catch, rebound… ANYTHING involving some form of ball handling!

In this tutorial, not only will you learn the obvious key of improve your grip strength by learning how to get stronger hands, but you’ll also learn 2 other overlooked keys you NEED.

▶️ FULL NO BOUNCE home handle workout: https://gethandles.com/0-bounce

▶️ More drills to help you palm a basketball: https://youtu.be/3OB7F8NfhFY

▶️ Ball handling drills you can do at home WITHOUT dribbling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg6oXTo08PY

▶️ FREE hybrid workout develops ball handling & athleticism at the SAME TIME: https://gethandles.com

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